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Custom Hydraulic Hoses:

  • We can create custom hydraulic hose assemblies from 3/16” to 2” ID.
  • We carry 1 & 2 – wire, braided hydraulic hose through 2” ID.
  • We carry 4 & 6  – wire, spiral hydraulic hose
    through 2” ID up to 5,000 PSI
  • We carry Stainless Teflon braided hose from ¼” through 1” ID.
Custom Hydrualic Hoses

Hose Ends and Adapters:

  • We have hundreds of hose ends and hydraulic adapters, including hard to find Metric and British Pipe fittings.
  • We are constantly expanding our fitting lines.
Large Selection of Hose Fittings

Industrial Hoses:

  • We carry many types of industrial hose up to 8” ID.
  • We can band hose ends of any size or custom crimp up
    to 6” ID hoses.
  • We are continually expanding our Industrial Hose offerings to satisfy our customer’s needs.
Industrial Hoses

Industrial Hose Ends:

  • We offer a full line of Cam & Groove fittings
  • We offer an ever expanding line of crimp ends for industrial hoses…up to 6” ID
Hose Ends


Hydraulic Quick Disconnect Couplers

  • We carry a wide variety of Hydraulic Couplers

    Poppet Style

         Flat Face
         Wing Style
         Screw Together Flat Face
Hydraulic Couplers

OEM Kits:

  • We custom build hydraulic hose and fitting kits for equipment manufacturers.

Cylinder, Motor and Pump Repair:

  • We repair many types of hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic
    pumps and hydraulic motors.
  • We also sell new cylinders, pumps and motors if yours
    can’t be repaired.
Cylinder repair